About Us

About True North

True North is a New American Gastropub that introduces to Huntington, Long Island the opportunity to enjoy fine dining, high-end beers and a “not so easy to find” wine list. The décor is a blend of warmth and rustic charm, like the farmhouses of the North Fork, while sleek and sophisticated, bringing the look and feel of NYC to this tucked away town. This balance was purposely encapsulated into a casual atmosphere, so that all who come know they’re welcomed.

Chef & Co-Owner, Paul Miranda and Co-Owner, Stu Kritz, both long Island natives, are dedicated to the cause of preserving Long Island’s offerings. As a priority, Paul and Stu are committed to partnering with local farms and breweries to provide the freshest produce and tastiest local beers. True North offers a worldly experience in both food and drink, but never without the availability of local fare.

“At True North, we strive to bring together caring, warm, and intelligent people who love to serve and are among the best in their field”